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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Recruitment consultants

A good friend of mine nearly got caught looking for another job today when a recruitment consultant decided to ring him at work. Not only did he call him in work hours, he actually called him on his work phone and left a message with his boss!

Recruitment consultants can be very useful but some of them can be an absolute pain. I've seen the best and worst of recruitment consultants. The best have found me the jobs that I was looking for, prepared me well for the interview and given me regular and quick feedback. The worst send you to interviews that aren't appropriate, don't let you know how you got on and will constantly pester you with news jobs at inappropriate times - even when you've asked them no to.

I would still recommend using recruitment consultants as one of the roads to finding a new job - but I would definitely suggest not wasting time with those that are clearly working more for their own interests than yours.

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