Banking and finance job interview questions

There are a wide variety of jobs in the banking and finance sector working for many different types of company. These companies include banks, investment banks, insurance brokers, hedge funds, accountancy firms, business services, independent consultants and financial advisors.

Many of the jobs include in this sector will also be found in almost all large companies. For example most large companies will have finance departments and will therefore have jobs as accountants, payroll assistants and financial managers.

A key skill generally required for jobs in banking and finance is an advanced ability with numbers, and the job interviews will often include numerical tests. Other important skills are logical reasoning skills, computing skills (particularly using a spreadsheet package like Microsoft Excel), data processing skills and an understanding of financial markets.

Before a banking or finance job interview it is a good idea to read the financial press, such as the Economist, the Financial Times or Bloomberg.

Actual questions asked at banking job interviews:

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