Job interview questions | Unusual job interview questions

The key to answering the stranger questions is not to get flustered by them. Most of the time the answer that you give won't really matter, as many of these questions don't have a correct answers.

Some of the questions are there to allow the interviewer to see how you think, and your analytical process. No-one knows how many trees there are in the United Kingdom but you could make an estimate based on common knowledge or estimates of trees per mile square.

How many hats are there in the United Kingdom? The art of answering this question is to use both your general knowledge and show confidence that you're willing to have a shot at it. There is a right answer to this but no-one is going to know. Suggested methods of answering this question is to start with a little general knowledge and build from there. i.e. there are about 60 million people and lets say they have on average two hats...and then you might want to go on to talk about hats still in the shops or in hat factories. Keep the numbers simple so you don't mess the maths up.

Tell me a joke. I guess tell the person a joke. Try to make sure the joke isn't going to offend the interviewer, but if they seem like they can they won't mind sometimes it can turn out well if you're willing to be a little cheeky.

Sell me this pen? Questions like this tend to come up when you're applying for a sales job. It gives you the opportunity to show that you can sell almost anything and that you are perceptive enough to pick up on the features of a product quickly and whilst under pressure. As such it is important for you to mentally list the range of features that the pen has. Show the interviewer the functionality of the pen to the interviewer, and if he has given you a biro then don't be afraid to sell him the pen based upon the price and disposable nature of the product.

Why are manhole covers round? This is because any other shape could fall through. 


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