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Graduate one to one - HSBC

Position - Graduate retail banking trainee

Date of Interview - October 2007

Round - 3 of 3

Notes on the interview - This is a one-to-one interview and involves conducting role play with the interviewer.

Questions asked - They ask you:

  • why you want to work at HSBC
  • about a time where you had to meet a certain deadline - generally better to make this something outside education if you want to stand out from the crowd
  • ,They want you to go in more depth, e.g. when did you have to meet the deadline for, did you achieve the deadline, what could you have done differently etc.

In the role play they give you a sheet of paper and you have ten minutes to read it. The paper contains details of a savings account. Then you have to act as the advisor and the interviewee is the customer. She states that she has an account and want a savers account. Then she asks specific details relating to the account such as: how much would she would save, discounts associated with the account, etc.


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