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Temporary office work - Pertemps

Position - Temporary Office Work

Date of Interview - 4th October 2005

Round - 1 of 1

Notes on the interview - Not really an interview as such. The purpose of the exercise was to find out what skill you have. It started with an application form where you list your grades, experiences and range of skills.

Next I did four computer tests. The first measured my speed and accuracy when typing in information about addresses and names onto a standardised form. Next the test measured the same thing but just for the inputting of numbers. The next test measured how good my audio typing was. Finally I had a spelling test - I believe that there are varying levels to this. I took the intermediate level and this included words such as Edinburgh.

Finally I had a chat with one of the recruitment consultants to see what sort of work I wanted, the hours I wished to work and just the clarification of details.

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