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Postgraduate economist with a proven record of professional success. First class analytical and modelling abilities, utilising a wide range of software based qualitative techniques. Excellent client communication skills with an extensive portfolio of successful project tendering and delivery.


Economist Oct 05 - Present
Company name

Whilst working at the company I have been the principle economist in a wide variety of projects including:

• modelling the economic impact of a proposed smoking ban in Dubai
• an assessment of UK business risk and the impact of risk on business failures
• monthly world and domestic economic updates for a major car manufacturer
• socio-economic forecasting to support the award of government contracts
• an assessment of the London commercial property market and the impact that socio-economic change on rental yields
• an economic impact assessment of highly skilled migrants used by the Home Office to guide policy options
• economic appraisals of proposed transport initiatives in Manchester, Birmingham, the Tees Valley and London

This position has given me the opportunity to develop advanced modelling techniques for both macroeconomic and microeconomic circumstances. I am a senior member of company's macroeconomic forecast team, and produce the company’s international and United Kingdom publications. I write daily press releases on day-to-day economic data releases and each month write an extended press piece that scrutinises macroeconomic events in greater depth.

I have also developed specialist knowledge in the appraisal of transportation and regeneration schemes. Using Treasury Green book guidance, government departmental appraisal methodologies and my own economic knowledge I have built the case for government and private sector funding for schemes across the country.

I have regular client contact in the form of project work, account management and account acquisition. I have built up a number of regular clients who regularly return to me with new and varied projects.

Major achievements

• Delivery of approximately twelve per cent of annual revenue within my first year, helping the company reach a record high turnover
• Highest revenue delivery amongst all economists within company
• Appointed information technology manager and oversaw the overhaul of the company’s computing and network facilities
• National and international radio, television and newspaper appearances
• Winner of project of the year during the company’s 2006 annual review
• Over ten per cent of new revenue acquired over the past six months


• Econometric modelling
• Account and client management
• New revenue stream acquisition
• Econometric software usage
• Daily economic press releases
• Live and pre-recorded television and radio

• Treasury Green book analysis
• Excel spreadsheet modelling
• Client focused report writing
• PowerPoint presentations
• Political analysis
• Web site design
• SNAP survey software


Oct 2001 - Jun 2004: University of Bristol

BSc Economics and Politics (2:1)

Dissertation Title "The majority of African countries became transitional democracies over the 1990s. The promise of vigorous economic, political and social change has not materialised. Using Kenya as a case study, examine the progress of change since the return of multiparty democracy."

Oct 2004 – Oct 2005: University of Bristol

MSc Quantitative Development Economics

Dissertation Title "You Trade, You Grow: A Panel Data Investigation into the Growth Effects of Trade Liberalisation."


• Member of the Society of Business Economists
• Regular attendee of Institute of Economic Affairs events
• Member of the Royal African Society
• Rugby for Old Wandsworthians
• Football and handball
• Politics, both domestic and international
• Foreign travel and adventure trekking
• Web site hosting and design




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