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Fast stream - Civil servant

Position - General Fast Stream

Date of Interview - 30th November 2005

Round - 1 of 1

Notes on the interview - There are no interviews for this stage. There are three sections. The first is a retest of the numerical and verbal reasoning tests that were done online. The second is the main part which is an etray exercise. The third is an email reply exercise.


The etray exercise lasted about an hour and was all computer based. The whole of this round is based on this exercise. For the first fifteen minutes you are given a set of documents to read over. In this case the documents were about a new youth rehabilitation centre.

Next the exercise begins and lasts for 45 minutes, There are about twenty five emails to deal with and this pop up as you complete the initial emails. The answers are multiple choice and you have to tick which action of four would be the most appropriate and which would be the least. It is quite ambiguous.

The last section lasts an hour and is only relevant if you get through this round. In this exercise you are given two questions from your line manager. The first asks you to prepare them for an upcoming meeting with the potential questions they might face and how they could be answered. The second question asks you to think of imaginative and radical solutions to the problems associated with the etray proposal (i.e. the rehab centre) - note that this is a follow on from part two.


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