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Transport planner - Arup

Position - Transport planner

Date of Interview - 15 May 2007

Round - 1 of 1

Notes on the interview - I recently went for a job as a transport economist / planner at Arup. I actually got the position but ended up turning it down because the money wasn't good enough.

The interview lasted about an hour and a half and was primarily competency based. They asked me a number of questions such as: how would I just the economic need for building a new railway line between a residential area and a business district, what are the justifications for allowing more trains operators on a franchised line (what are the problems?) and what are the economic (including environmental) justifications for building/extending a container port in the north of England.

They wanted relatively detailed answers but primarily just with the ability to show that you could think around the problem and make relevant suggestions. For example on the last question, mentioning that you would remove many lorries from the road is a major economic and environmental benefit.

They also went through my CV to discuss relevant experience and asked questions regarding what I wanted and why I wanted to leave. Not that much HR though - which is nice!

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