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What to do after a job interview

A good way of making yourself stand out is to follow up on the interview. It is a good idea to send the interviewer a quick email or call to say thank you for their time and that you hope they will seriously consider you for the position. Use this opportunity to stress your enthusiasm for the position, particularly now that you have had a chance to talk through the position at the interview. Highlighting enthusiasm will do your case no harm at all.

This will keep you at the front of the interviewers mind and help them remember you when deciding who to call back for a second round interview.

Also feel free to use this opportunity to follow up on the anything that was raised at the interview. If the interviewer had been interested in something you had worked on previously, or something you had written whilst studying then it could be a good idea to send them a copy of what you have written. This will again show a willingness to go one step further than your competition and will provide the interviewer with hard evidence of your capabilities.

One thing to avoid is following up more than once or twice. Do not pester the interviewer for a response. Obviously if you haven't heard anything from them after a few weeks then it may be worth a quick call but don't call every day for an answer. You'll only annoy them and make them want to say no.




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