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What to do before a job interview

Preparation is key to interview success - do your research. The place to look is their web site. Make sure you know major events that have happened at the company, particularly those that will relate to your position. The next step is to research the wider industry of the company, for example tax changes the industry might be facing or new products that have come into the market. Impress the interviewer with your knowledge and show them you'll be able to start the job running.

Think through some answers to common questions. Using web sites like this is a good start, but also ask your friends what they think you'll be asked.

Get a good night sleep the night before the interview and have a full breakfast on the day.

Dress smartly and appropriately. Look on our what to wear section to get some ideas of possible outfit choices.

Plan your route to the where the job interview is taking place. Make sure you know the address and how you are planning to get there. If you have the time it might be worth making a trial run so you are confident of the route and how long it will take.

Arrive at the job interview about ten minutes before the interview is due to start. If you are early take some time to get your thoughts together outside the office. Do not be tempted to go in too early, it will not show eagerness, it will show poor time management.




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