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Numerical test example

Below is an example of the sort of numerical test you can expect at interview. Questions vary in difficulty. If the job is particularly maths based, such as accountancy, then expect the questions to be much harder.

Example 1.

Using the graph below answer the following six questions.

a) How many more oranges were sold in the third year than the first year?

b) Which fruit sold the second most tonnes over the whole of the four years?

c) What was the percentage increase in apple sales between year 3 and year 4?

d) How many tonnes of fruit were sold in total?

e) If 20% more bananas were sold in year 5, how many tonnes were sold?

f) If 40% less apples were sold in year 5, how many tonnes were sold?

(You should be able to answer these questions in less than five minutes.)


a) 10 b) Apples c) 50% d) 235 e) 12 f) 18




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