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Leeds Metropolitan University is striving to be a world-class regional university, with world-wide horizons, using all our talents to the full. We are one of the largest universities in the country, with over 52,000 students and 3,500 staff. We have two contrasting learning environments in Leeds, the traditional setting of one campus in the world famous sporting area of Headingley and one intertwined with the business, health, civic and entertainment quarters of Leeds. Our campus in the splendid spa town of Harrogate leads the way in breaking down the barriers between business, further and higher education.

We are also developing in partnership opportunities to study locally across the North. Our regional university network involves fourteen partner colleges, from Newcastle to Nottinghamshire and from Grimsby to Belfast, with over 300,000 students between them. Together, we are creating on this side of the Atlantic the equivalent of a major American state university system, which we term a Great North Uni.

Leeds Met has brought together some of the great names in British higher education, such as Carnegie which stands for excellence in sport and education and the Leeds College of Art, where Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth studied. They met at what is now Leeds Met. We would like to introduce you to the value and values of a Leeds Met education and welcome you to the Leeds Met community. You too could then experience our low-charging, high impact approach.





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