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University of Oxford

"About 90% of applicants to Oxford from the UK and Europe are invited for interview, but for some courses the proportion may be lower. For most courses, applicants from outside Europe are not required to come for interview, although some may choose to come to Oxford if their college agrees. International applicants for Medicine must, if invited, be interviewed in Oxford. We also have teams of interviewers who visit China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, North America and Singapore in October and November in order to interview candidates from these areas.

Interviews take place in the first half of December, and most applicants are in Oxford for two or three days. The interview timetable is published in advance in our prospectus. We try to ensure that applicants are not kept for any longer than necessary, but we need this time to allow for further interviews. This is your chance to find out what living in an Oxford college is like. Current undergraduates will be available to help you find your way around and to tell you about Oxford and your college.

The purpose of the interviews is to assess your abilities and, most importantly, your potential. Please remember though, that the interview is only one aspect of your application that tutors will be taking into account. Most candidates will have good results and predicted grades, and school and college reports differ less than you might imagine. The interview provides an opportunity to assess your potential beyond your written record."

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