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The basics of dressing for interview

Here are a few of the basic tips when dressing for interview:

  • If you're not sure what to wear then ask. First ask a friend you don't want to look stupid before you've even interviewed. If not then give them a call.
  • Make sure you'll be comfortable.
  • Stay cool. The pressure will make you sweat, don't exacerbate it with tight fitting clothing.
  • Think about the image you're clothes will project and how this fits in with the role you're going for.

For the majority of interviews if you are male then a suit and tie will be fine. Try and make sure that the suit and the tie are clean, well fitting and a sober colour. You do not want what you wear to distract the attention of the interviewer. You don't want to be remembered as the guy with the sunflower tie.

If you are female then you have a little more scope, which can be a bonus but can also make life more difficult. Again a smart suit is probably the best idea. However the cut of the suit can project very different images. A trouser suit, with a wide collar shirt can come across as hard, giving you the impression of being severe and unapproachable. This may work in some environments. However, softening the outfit slightly by wearing a round neck top underneath the suit jacket may be a nice compromise that is both smart but not too harsh.







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