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What to wear at interview - tips for men

Dressing for a job interview is much easier if you are a man. However, this does not mean you should not care at all what you look like. It is still important and will indicate to the interviewer how much you want the job and whether you are going to be presentable to clients. Remember first impressions count.

Here are a few tips for what to wear at a job interview:

1. A sober coloured suit is a priority. Try and go for dark, neutral colours such as black, charcoal, grey or a dark blue. A basic pinstripe is also fine. However even if louder colours or patterns are currently in fashion it is better to avoid anything that will distract the interviewers attention. Stay conservative.

2. Remember that this is not a fashion parade. The interviewer will not be judging whether you are fashionable. The important point is to avoid distracting the interviewer from understanding how suitable you are for the job. Sober colours and a neat appearance are far more preferable than trying to convince the interviewer that you are "cool".

3. Your tie is somewhere you can add colour to your outfit. Try and wear a tie that suits your shirt and suit. Try to avoid too many colours, but you may wish to wear a bold and vivid colour like red that can project a air of confidence without being overstated.

4. Avoid ties with pictures or cartoons on. These novelty ties are generally bought for a joke not interviews. Avoid bow ties unless you are the sort of exuberant character that wants to highlight their eccentricity as a quality.

5. Wear shoes that match your suit. Generally a pair of well polished black shoes will work.

6. Try to avoid keeping your hair too long, un-kept or over-styled. Again it is best to wear your hair conservatively at the interview. Over styled hair is likely to make you seem young and give an air of inexperience. If your hair is too long, or untidy then you will look like you don't care and will not be presentable to clients.

7. Shave or keep a well trimmed beard. Try and avoid stubble unless you have a skin condition.

8. Keep your shirt white, or a pale blue with perhaps some thin stripes. Make sure the shirt is clean and well ironed.




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