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Make easy money

Listed here are ways to make a little bit of easy money (legitimately) when you're searching for the right job:

You gov survey - make money

Answering survey questions
A well known survey company that pays you about £1 a time for just filling in a questionnaire which take about five minutes. Free and easy to join, no credit card details or anythig like that.

Money with a task bar

Having a tool bar displaying small adverts
Becoming a member of AGLOCO is as simple as completing a brief sign-up page (name, age, location and email address.). Once you’re a Member, you will be asked to then download the Viewbar™ software, which will display ads whilst you earn doing nothing.

Searching on the internet
Get a share of the advertising revenue from this search engine every time you search. Not a bad search engine either. Again Free and easy to join, no credit card details or anythig like that.

My lot get paid for using discussion boards and posting images

Contributing to discussion and posting images
It's easy, sign up and start discussions, post responses or comments to current discussions, or refer friends! A myLot account is all you need to get started. You will be able to view your earnings on a daily basis when you sign in.

Money from sharing pictures

Sharing your pictures
This is quite an easy one, you get money by sharing your pictures online. That's it, you just upload your images, if you want use something like Myspace to promote them and then wait for the money.




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