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Searching for a job

There are plenty of places to find a job online, at a local job centre or in the printed press. You can also find a recruitment consultant who will help to do the searching for you.

I personally believe that going through Monster is one of the best ways of finding a job. The search facility on Monster is fine but not amazing, however, the web site is used by many recruitment consultants who will call you up quite quickly after you put your CV on there.

There are many other web sites that are similar to Monster. Here is a link to a page of "50 Free Places You Can Post A Job Online and Get Top Talent".

Another good place is to look in specialist career publications or web sites in the field you would like to work in. They are likely to have the positions that are more closely matched to your needs.

If you know the company you want to work for then go straight to their web site as they are likely to have a careers page. If they don't then give them a call and ask whether they are recruiting.




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