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Numerical, verbal and logical reasoning abilities tests

Numerical test example

Numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests are used to test the abilities that the candidate is likely to require in their day to day jobs. For example accountancy firms are particularly keen on numerical tests. These tests are commonly used by larger corporations who have many candidates for many roles.

The purpose of the tests is to assess your key skills that you'll need for the job. It is also a way of seeing how you work under pressure.

It is important to practice these tests before you take them so you get used to them. There are many of these tests available on the internet.

The numerical tests are likely to take the form of relatively simple mathematical problems which are similar to the problems you would solve on a day-to-day basis in the working environment. For example many of the questions are likely to be in the form of graphs or spreadsheet tables. You are likely to have to calculate the number of sales a company has made or profit levels. Common questions also ask you to show that you can use fractions and percentages. For example, in the second year prices are 20 per cent higher than last year, prices are now £3.99. What was the price in the first year of trading?

Verbal reasoning tests usually take the form of reading short passages and answering questions from what you have read. The tests often include a number of short passages which means you are quite time pressured. The passages can be quite technical, however, you are not expected to use technical knowledge, and indeed previous knowledge of the topic can be dangerous as you are likely to answer what you think you know rather than what is in the passage.

Logical reasoning tests take the form of IQ tests. The form of these tests can vary widely and it is best to go through a number of these tests beforehand. These tests can include both text based problems where you are expected to read between the lines of a questions and geometric questions where the problem is to examine shapes and how they fit together.




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