Take care of your health today get health insurance

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Take care of your health today get health insurance

Postby hazeljohnson9 » Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:09 am

We are California Health Plans, the people who can meet your coverage needs. There are so many variations, it can get confusing. Over the next few pages we will explain them all and assist you with narrowing down the options. Low cost medical insurance is available in this state for less than you may think.

There are some basics that we need to point out from the start. If your previous insurance was group coverage, there may be a slightly higher premium with individual plans. That depends on the benefits offered, deductibles and copays. California medical insurance is regulated by the State of California, and there are some fundamental requirements that each plan must offer. The Department of Insurance also serves as a watchdog for how a California health insurance agent complies with regulations. However, we urge you to make your choices wisely and know exactly what you are signing up for.
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